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  1. Just for a bit of fun I thought I'd start an RS3 ironman and bot it to ban. I'll post weekly updates or maybe even more often depending on what I get done. Obviously I'll quest myself and earn items myself for the acc but the plan is to bot as much as possible.

    So without further a do, what shall we get started with first? Post what you think I should do and the bot i should use and I'll begin a tasklist of everything in this post. Hopefully we can have a bit of fun and it'll be interesting for you guys to see what's possible.

    Week One


    Week Two

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  2. I botted up an ironman with runemate with good success. Its current total level is around 2200.

    If it's just gonna be a bot account, go wild, but if you intend to play on it too, do quests.
  3. Yeah I plan to try and get as far as I can and i do plan to play it too every now and then. Currently trying to workout what the best thing to do to start would be but not sure what or what bots to use atm.
  4. I would say some basic resource collecting like fishing or woodcutting? That'll give you materials to work with later.
  5. Good luck buddy. Should be a fun experience. :)
  6. You can use my old progress thread if you want to use it for reference for some alternative ironman training methods you can do, using bots available. some (e.g Alpha Crafting crafting) i used to train crafing but isnt supported anymore (pre-spectre) and you may run into trouble with lack of bot options. But best of luck!

    Ironman Road to Max with Runemate
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    And fishing i would reccomend as one of your first things, you need that food! and then quest it out either or first, and then set a goal of some gear you want to get, adn just slowly work towards it which may take quests, skills and better gear. Which makes the ironman + botting expereinece feel like you are alot more invlolved with your account and enjoy the game alot more, but if you lose your work (ban), im suree youll be de-motivated to do allll that questing and low level content again :(
  7. Yeah that's the issue I've found at the minute, not as much supported as I had planned so we'll have to go for some alternative routes. I have a near maxed ironman I've played legit so this is more just for the fun. I expect to get banned eventually so I'm not too worried, just want to see how far I can get and what fun we can have on the way :p

    Got some early mage and woodcutting levels both at 50 atm, gone to Runespan to start the ports grind as early as I can :D
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    Thanks man! Shame you're not coding anymore, could do with some of those bots we had back on ArbiBots! :p
  8. Oh I'm coding more than ever actually. Just not bots though. :p
  9. Oh, by the way i had a second go at making an ironman, and i would reccomend rushing 90 runecrafting so you can be OP and have a t75 staff (i did this my last ironman)
  10. Week One


    A week on we're still going, been wondering what to do at times, not as many useful bots for an ironman as I'd hoped for. Managed to get runecrafting up with Dawg Runespan, works pretty well. Used MaxiWoodcutter for some early levels, it didn't work so well on normal trees but all went smooth on oaks.

    Looks like I'm gonna have to train legit this week to get a few things I need to progress, need to get hold of an Air battlestaff to get combat up higher then will try to start some more slayer. All in all things look decent so let's hope the banhammer doesn't hit too soon!
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  11. Playing legit inbetween and keep the hours sensible and you should not be hit with the banhammer :D
  12. Get that 90rc for ports, it'll help you out having access to t85 tank armour!
  13. Get fishing up super high, fish and bank trout/salmon in lumby, and cook it all, and then fish a whole lot of sharks and cook them so you have unlimited good food for slayer and mini bosses and questing.

    mine clay in rimmington and bank it and use the clay softener on the botstore to soften it all, and make urns for crafting xp (start working on that plagues end req early.

    mine fk loads of iron ane use it @ artisans workshop

    keep rushing that runescafting up, i got 1-99 24/7 consecutively on my last ironman, but jusst get 91 so you can use the t75 greater runic staff so you can defeat any quest bosses with absolute easeeee, t75 weopon early on an ironman is OP as hell.

    get that woodcutting up and work on getting the deadliest catch quest so you can start banking teak logs on ape atoll with Pi Chopper, so you can turn them into planks and work on construction so you can get a guided alter

    keep working on dungeoneering so you can get a bonecrusher asap before you do slayer and then get a charming imp as soon as possible so you can get your prayer and summoning up, seedicide is optional for that farming xp when doing slayer

    WORK ON KINGDOM ON MISC QUEST ASAP!!! super benificial and should be worked towards as soon as possible

    Hope that gives you some ideas!
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  14. Thanks man helps a lot ^^

    Started questing yesterday so will probably keep smashing those out, still runecrafting for ports and that staff at the minute. Will see which of those I can do with scripts bots currently available, got a feeling some of that might not be possible at the minute :(
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    Week Two


    Most of last week went into finishing off 90 runecrafting using Dawg Runespan, the rest has mostly came from quests except for thieving which was done with MaxiThiever. Slightly frustrating there aren't many thieving bots around as I would like to get to Deadliest Catch for teaks. Currently got a decent stack of iron for when there is an artisans bot out but until then it'll have to wait or come from quests mostly.

    Cant afford a bond to make member at the minute so will have to take a break for a bit i think, will try to see what I can do f2p but there isn't too much.
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  15. just bought your f2p skills in the mean time

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