RuneMate is Amazing

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  1. Just went through my logs & found this status update for SlashnHaxes Alpha Fighter (beta)

    Code (Text):
    1. 20:22:34 [STATUS] Time ran: 20:22:34
    2. 20:22:34 [STATUS] Skills:
    3. 20:22:34 [STATUS]   Total - Levels: 18 Experience: 3,505,746
    4. 20:22:34 [STATUS]   Strength Levels: 12, Experience: 2,637,453
    5. 20:22:34 [STATUS]   Constitution Levels: 6, Experience: 868,293
    I've been using RuneMate since early 2014 & Have Achieved Almost 15 level 99's with it, & I've only ever been banned Once (When Client got detected or something) My new account is roughly 2 weeks old & Already has 60M+ Experience alongside 3 99's.
    I don't know why anyone would not use RuneMate. It's AMAZING.
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  2. Yes it is legit for sure :) Enjoying my time here and not getting banned.
  3. How did you train smithing and with which bot? Thanks in advance! :)
  4. Alpha portables, Do gold from 40-70ish (Mithril longswords) then do addy claws when possible
  5. 3 99s within two weeks is real nice doe... did you use the fastest/expensive methods?
  6. How many hours per day did you go? Nice.
    Im happy too for Runemate, I'm working on maxing a old mule account.
  7. Runemate is defenitly amazin I got 3 99's on 1 account with a total level of 1500+ and 0 bans :) only thing that could be improved is if they would use nxt because that has got less lagg.
  8. All day everyday, Non stop.
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    I used medium cost methods that would give a little profit or lose a little, But with Firemaking and cooking it was a Straight loss.
  9. Just tested mithril ... selling the items afterwards seems impossible. I am sticking to gold for now.

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