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Discussion in 'Client & Site Support' started by botmagic, Nov 15, 2015.

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  2. This did not happen on a VM he was running, but happened on 4 other PCs. It's likely that Jagex is somehow flagging PCs based on some extra type of information, and if the player has been flagged but runs the legitimate client they are fine. This means, however, that Jagex must have some way of telling the difference between the legitimate client and the RuneMate client.
  3. Hmm very interesting, I'm not sure what's being flagged but it'll be investigated.
  4. were you using a proxy?
  5. I'd say the ban was because he had ISIS in his account name whereas the official client one didn't. Unless it was a macroing ban? Did you even check?
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  6. This
    Show this proof with the client being launched
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    And this
  7. What was the ban reason?
  8. I replicated this, happened almost exactly as what happened in the gif.
    Screenshot of the ban info:
    Not sure if it's related, but yesterday I logged into my main botting account and it got banned :/
    I just tried logging into a few trash accounts I've had laying around, and they all seem to be getting banned about 5-10 seconds after logging into the login screen.
    @Cloud @Arbiter
  9. Oh, well that's not good.
    Maybe just a ban wave? None of my accounts hav e been banned, yet.

    I assume these are all runemate on rs3. Can you try to make a osrs account ?

    Slash are you on a proxy?
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  10. My OSRS bot is alive and well. I do not dare login to RS3
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    I'm gonna stay off the sauce for a bit
  11. I logged into an account on osrs and half finished the tutorial island before logging off, it didn't get banned.
    It seems to be consistent, but not everybody experiences it, so tbh I'm not completely sure what's going on
  12. I've been logged in on my main on and off today and i just completed dwarf cannon on another account on darkscape, no bans. Then logged it in to rs3, also no bans. So it's quite odd.
  13. So far we know its effecting multiple if not all runescape botting clients for Runescape 3.

    Can we get some environments from everyone its effecting?

    Maybe the Runescape 3 client launcher update came packed with detection? I haven't used my runescape 3 client in over a week. How about all of you?
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  14. Haven't touched RS3 client launcher in 2 weeks. I only run osbuddy/RM. No bans.
  15. I don't use the official client only RM and I haven't had any bans yet. Doing RS3 and DS
  16. botting almost 24/7 on my ironman coming up to a month now still no ban so just a ban wave with a bit of bad luck on your end im guessing
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    (im on holiday so actually play like 4-5 hours legit a day and do JOT, vis wax machine, daily buys, and quests every day. Probs why im passing ban radar atm)
  17. Its only banning new accounts that are made while in the Runemate client (and other bot clients). If he makes an account in the RS client it isnt banned.
  18. Ahh ty as image is gone now i had a bit of confusion over what this thread was about, very interesting though
  19. Yeah I used private proxies
    Nope.I tried it with different account names.It does not matter what my character name & email address is.What matter is that did I use the official client or not.If I didn't the result is a ban.
    The offense was macroing mayor,yeah.
  20. Works fine on OSRS, this is really weird!!

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