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  1. I've made this tool to make the process of making XML manifests for your bots funnier, maybe it's useless but an UI makes everything more awesome.

    So here's the main interface:

    Nothing different from Cloud's XML Manifest Tutorial, but I'll explain things anyway:

    • Main class: Your bot's main class path, start from the first package after your "src" (source) folder, separate by dots and not by slashes
    • Name: Your bot's name
    • Description: Your bot's description
    • Version: Your bot's version
    • Compatbility: Mark your bot's game compatibility versions
    • Open source: Mark if your bot code will be open source (available for download)
    • Hidden: Mark this if you wanna publish your bot on bot store but dont wanna make it visible temporarily
    • Internal ID: An unique name for your bot to differ it from other bots with same name on bot store
    • Tags are optional, but if you want, separate them by comma
    • Add your script bot categories and select if it will be public, supporter or premium
    Once internal ID and tags are optional, if you leave the fields blank it wont interfere when you click on generate button.

    After clicking generate manifest button a window like this will appear:
    So just copy and paste in notepad or similar and save as a .XML file inside your source folder

    Now available as a bot at
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  2. Nice work Viewer :)
    Now add resources :p
  3. Aw I'm so lazy to modify my GUI, are you sure?
  4. You should make this as a Developer Tool bot through the Bot Store.

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