Runemate & NXT?

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  1. Is this something that will happen, or will it remain on the old client?
  2. How do you access the older client?
  3. huh?

    my runemate by default opens up the old RS client, for RS3. Not the new NXT one.
  4. Look for the legacy client on google or RS site.
  5. Spectre will eventually support NXT, the devs already have taken a look at the game when the first beta came out for gold premiership members only, so I know it's being worked on.

    Obviously other stuff like Spectre Mac support has priority over this, but no doubt it isn't very far away.
  6. I'm learning java in depth. But as NXT is written in C++? How would RuneMate be able to control it? I've no doubt NXT is Jagex's attempt at thwarting us, botters. Do you think they're going to phase out Java clients?

    One thing they probably didn't plan on is if botters "crack" it, it'll be far more efficient / Profitable for us to run our business, less compute resources needed per instances. :)

    I suppose it could be decompiled, to C++ or assembly? Then a "reflection" interface could be written somehow?

    Another idea I was thinking is profiling all NXT's network traffic, RPCs. I'd expect traffic to be encrypted. Perhaps only thin "crack" layer needs to be inserted there?
    Remote procedure call - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    There's also always: Computer Vision. not the whimpy color-bot type, but real machine-learning stuff. Like how Facebook identifies people in photos. The same algorithms could be adapted to runescape objects: Tree, Ore, Monster, etc.
    Computer vision - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    I'll leave it to the CompScience & Theory guys to figure this out. ;-)
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