Runemate on a Raspberry pi cluster?

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  1. Hey, I am wondering if it would be possible to cluster multiple(5-10) Raspberry Pi 3 B's together and run runemate on it? Would this be possible, and if not what would be preventing it from working?
  2. My first concern with this is that a cluster of Pi's doesn't run like a multicore CPU, instead each Pi is running within separate environments from eachother. That is a problem in itself as OSRS isn't capable of using more than one core (to my knowledge), and a single Raspberry Pi can't run OSRS at anything close to a playable rate.

    From what I've seen, generally Raspberry Pi clusters are used for parallel computing because they are incapable of running most single threaded workloads. The only way I could see this working would be by modifying the OSRS game client to distribute workloads to separate Pi's, and that's an unholy task if I've ever heard of one.
  3. My main goal would to be run RS3 bots on the cluster if possible. If this is not possible is there any other similar concepts that may work?
  4. Building a PC optimised for botting.
  5. Buying a used pc or used pc parts would be good enough wouldn't it?
  6. Don't know why you'd want to buy used parts, to be honest. You just build heavy on the processor/RAM and the rest you can take it a little easier.
  7. I'd prefer using used parts because I'm a poor cunt but its not that bad to cut few costs here and there.
  8. The only redeeming factor RS3 has over OSRS is that it can utilize more than one core, but even then you will need to mess with the game client a lot to get it working which will be a real pain.
    Just had a quick look at some tests pertaining to the capability of a Raspberry Pi's OpenGL performance and it's not looking very good at all, ~120fps at 544x487 pixels rendering this:
    Turns out that the Raspberry Pi 3B lasted three minutes into that test before it overheated and crashed lol.
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  9. Damn okay. What would a PC optimized for botting look like in your opinion? Currently i have an i7-4770k CPU, MSI R9 290x Lightning GPU, Full water cooling, 16GB Gskill DDR3 RAM, and i can only run 5 before my CPU is maxed out :/
  10. Shouldn't really be maxing out at 5 instances, is your CPU OC'd?
  11. my cpu is 3.5ghz standard and turbo 4.4ghz, it stays in regular mode until it tops out then switches to turbo mode
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    Also I use -Xmx1024m on both the rs client and Runemate if that makes a difference.
  12. I can't say exactly why botting is as demanding as it is now, but it's certainly harder to run bots now.
    I remember a guy who had an i7 920 (a very old Extreme i7) who could run 55 bots on his system.

    The thing about botting computers now is that it's best to go a cost-efficient route, if money weren't an issue I would end up recommending multi-socket motherboards with the highest end Xeon that is compatible.
    Core i7-6700K 4.0GHz Quad-Core, Source 210 (Black) ATX Mid Tower - System Build - PCPartPicker
    ^ That is a build I would recommend, as you can see it's not exactly cheap because how high-end of a CPU is necessary nowadays.
    If I were to be more cost efficient, I would recommend an FX-8350 and an appropriate motherboard - Also for an AMD system I would aim for a top-down cooler to help keep the motherboard's power delivery cool.
  13. Money isn't really an issue. But will it utilize the multiple CPU's?
  14. Windows will handle the load distribution so that's not a problem.
    Xeon E5-2640 V4 2.4GHz 10-Core - System Build - PCPartPicker
    Didn't list a PSU because it depends on if you use a normal case or a server rack, you also would want 2 Hyper 212 EVO coolers.
    That is a 20 core system with 40 threads (effectively 40 cores in Windows), took a while to make that build because server stuff is very picky about compatibility.
  15. Think Arduino would be a good direction to look into
  16. I doubt that a cluster would help, but has anyone tried running RuneScape on a single Raspberry Pi 3? I've been thinking of getting one as a cheap botting computer but idk if it would work.
  17. People have tried it, the problem is getting the client to run at an even remotely playable rate.
    God forbid you add more overhead with a bot.

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