RuneMate on an ODROID?

Discussion in 'Programming & Hardware' started by SuperBotter, Aug 25, 2016.

  1. I've been looking at hardware to bot with, and I'm trying to find something that can run the most bots per dollar, if that makes sense. I've recently been looking at ODROIDs as they seem to be some of the most powerful Raspberry Pi-like devices. Unfortunately, they're not nearly as popular as the Raspberry Pi so I couldn't find anyone else trying to play RuneScape on it.

    The one that I have in mind is the ODROID-C2. It meets RuneScape's minimum requirements of 512MB of RAM and a 1GHz CPU with its 2GB of RAM and 2GHz quad-core ARMv8 CPU.

    I ran 2 bots on my laptop with minimum settings and they (RuneMate included, with bots running) only used 1.4GB of RAM. It looks like the ODROID-C2 has enough RAM to run 2 bots, but I don't know enough about ARM CPUs to know if the one included with the ODROID-C2 is enough to run 2 instances of RuneScape with RuneMate.

    Does anyone think that 2 instances of RuneScape (and RuneMate) will run an ODROID?
  2. 2gb of ram and 2ghz, you will run one instance of osrs bot. NOthing more
  3. That can't be true. On my laptop with a 2.1GHz processor and 4GB of RAM I can run 2 RS3 clients with RuneMate botting on both of them. The total RAM usage of the 2 clients and RuneMate is around 1.4GB.
  4. Got to remember OS overhead, any graphics processing and the fact that these things simply aren't designed for this use.

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