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  1. Using the new specter client im trying to run 2 bots at once though I keep getting the same error that says ive hit my limit of running 2 bots at once when im starting my second bot. Running one bot at a time works fine, though trying to run two at a time is giving me issues.

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  3. The only thing I can think of is the upgrade status:

    As a RuneMate Supporter you will enjoy even more botting power. For every $1 donated you will be able to run one extra bot at a time for the month (regular members are limited to 2 instances).

    Source: Upgrade | RuneMate
  4. I've tried that and still the same problem persists. though when I try to run the second bot it says that I cant run 3 instances at once even though I only had one running and one being setup.
  5. Not sure then.

    Paging @Arbiter !
  6. I'm currently having the same issue, it used to automatically reset after a couple minutes but it's been about 15 or 20 for me and I still can't open up any instances, even though none are currently running. It did happen after Spectre froze and I had to force quit it though.
  7. Have you closed all running instances of Runemate and Java in Task Manager?

    Restart your computer too and see if that helps.
  8. Yes. Everything was closed. Probably an error with Spectre not updating how many instances are running correctly, server side perhaps. I'm not sure how often it queries the client for that information.

    It's working now, might have just been the servers being bogged down with all of this traffic so they updated slower, or the check is a little on the long side.
  9. Great to hear it is working for you. Could you please edit your original post and mark this thread as 'solved'.
  10. I probably could if I was the original poster. ;) Sorry mate.
  11. I'm literally retarded.
  12. There are two issues being discussed in this thread.

    1) Client says limit of 2 instances reached, but you are only running one instance. We are aware that everyone is getting one less session than the error message claims. Unfortunately this isn't game-breaking and as such has lower priority than some of the other fixes we're working on. For now, just treat it as Spectre only allowing one free instance and one extra instance for every dollar donated. In the future we may bump it back up to 2.

    2) If Spectre is unsafely closed the session lasts up to 30 minutes after the client is closed. Nothing about this has changed. The only solution is to not unsafely shut down Spectre. If it's too late for that then you must wait until the old session expires by itself.
  13. Ya im still having the same issues, restarting computer helps for a bit but after 10sih minutes my bots stop completely and then I can only run one at a time.
  14. Read my post again please.
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  15. Ahh I see, I wasn't aware it had such a long timeout on sessions, I thought perhaps it was the same issue, my mistake. Thanks for the reply. @kazemanie , You're one of the more intelligent people on the forums, simple mistakes happen. I appreciate you trying to help regardless.
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  16. No worries mate!

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