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Would you play this or would you like to see this happen?

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  2. No

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  3. Under a specific condition (specify in thread)

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  1. Hello there,

    I just had one those wild and more than sometimes impossible ideas that might just work.

    I wonder, how would you guys like a seriously well done 2006-2007 era RSPS on RuneMate? Not some noobie one but one with quests and everything just like how it was back in the day.

    Now you ask, but we already have Old School RuneScape, right? Yes, we do.

    However, with tons of imbalances and a 12€ membership fee, who wouldn't like a cheaper and better alternative. I was thinking of faster exp but still as content rich as real 2006-2007 RuneScape.
    Under the (stolen) motto of "bot in their world, play in ours", who wouldn't enjoy some good ol' Edgeville PKing? Plus, considering the huge amount of rants on the 2007Scape reddit, I'm sure we could pull a decent playerbase.

    Please note that this is just an idea of me and that I guarantee nothing of this to happen.

    Why this idea would work if properly advertised:
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  2. I like the idea, but would this attract more negative attention and possibly even legal issues?
  3. No I would not play, imo the years around RS2 were the most enjoyable
  4. I asked Arbiter on his opinion on that, will post what he has to say about it :)
  5. Can you make that clearer? RS2 lasted from early 2004 to mid 2013 and 2006-2007 happens to be right in the middle of those two.
  6. I have the dedicated servers. Back in the day I had one, tons of players online. made alot in donations to!
  7. Oh sorry i didn't knew tbh... like the years 2008-2012 or so
  8. Sweet! I expect it to draw a lot of users to RuneMate (even non-botters). With a lot of traffic to our site and people buying 'supporter' rank it would be profitable and a lot of fun.
  9. Well to be fair, we can follow the same rout as 2007Scape and add in all the content from what is now RS3 that we like while leaving out the bad stuff.
  10. Maybe I will take a look in this actually
  11. Hmm you think in things like community polls?
    That could be a good thing
  12. Yeah. Basically "does the community want this or that in the game" and if it gets enough votes on yes then it will be added. Honestly, we could start off as F2p and get F2p fully functioning and start off as a bunch of pures having fun Range/2h'ing in the wilderness. We could add our own minigames like Stealing Creation and play that for fun and rewards. The possibilities are endless.
  13. Personally, I would like many quests involved, and also, if this idea is about to get real, I would love to have a look at setting up things like this, I mean, where you get the data etc from is really interesting for me :)
  14. I don't really know lol, wouldn't this look negative if a botting website is hosting an RSPS? :p
  15. Yeah, quests make the game fun to me. It's not as fun if every epic weapon is spawnable with one click on a button. And about making it.. I don't know how to, but it sure is possible!

    I've been googling a bit and there's some people who have tried it before, like these guys:

    Negative in what way? You mean we allow people to bot RuneScape but host our own game in which we'll ban botters?
  16. Yeah something like that, I find it a bit hypocritic :p
  17. True I guess, but hey! Just because we bot the boring parts of RuneScape doesn't mean we don't enjoy a nice game without cheating on it ;)
  18. I wouldn't like it. Most RSPS shutdown within 1-2 years of opening. Don't really like investing into something that isn't going to stay up.
  19. Did you read the original post hun

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