Question RuneMate Session Expiring

Discussion in 'Client & Site Support' started by Bunix, Jun 21, 2015.

  1. why does this happen?
    it's hard to bot more than a hour without getting this.
    is there a way to prevent getting this?
  2. This only happens when my modem dies for like one minute... Try doing an internet test, as this might be caused by a bad internet connection.
  3. It just happens when you stay online like 12+ hours, :)

    Or is that only me? When i've been botting like 12+ hours and it logs out it says like that :)
  4. Happens when you dc or change ip (vpn).
  5. It's actually if your internet dies for 15 minutes. If your internet is dying for 15 minutes regularly you should consider switching ISPs.
  6. It's our modem, it only happens when too many people try to request data at the same time. Our ISP itself is fine :p

    Ontopic: then OP's problem will have a different origin...
  7. We believe we found the issue. Please confirm that this is resolved entirely @Bunix @skrall.
  8. My RuneM8 is fine :)
  9. i still get this every 5-6 hours.
  10. We fixed this with a new build 14 hours ago. Has it happened since you updated?
  11. Yeah man, i got this 2 hours ago and ive updated. It also happens when i leave my laptop on botting overnight.
  12. Is there any chance your internet dropped for a whole 15 minutes? If not, @Cloud and I need to figure out some better debugging at the very least. Ideally we would try to simulate your conditions by force disconnecting from the internet for 1-2 minutes and seeing what happens after reconnect.
  13. Not sure if its of any use, but my internet drops alot and i never get session expired
  14. This is desired behavior. As long as you don't disconnect for an absurdly long time you should be fine.
  15. Nah man my internet would never drop for 15 minutes. It just randomly happens, im not sure.

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