RuneMate Spectre and VMWare

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  1. How much RAM/Disk Space should I dedicate for each instance? Let's say I get a farm up and going again, I always want to have each account under its own proxy, so looks like in order to do that with Spectre would be to isolate each instance in it's own Virtual Machine, each machine under a different proxy.

    So much much RAM/Space for each single instance? (Each one will have its own installation of Windows 10, or Ubuntu, whichever works out better)
  2. Why not just use Proxifier?
  3. At best you roughly need 300mb for spectre (not sure if this increases per instance added) and roughly 500 for an OSRS instance.

    I was planning on testing this today, stay tuned for more info. @Haxx91
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  4. When I farmed with VMWare I used a modified Windows 7 and required about 2 GB, but this was before the optimizations so you can probably get away with the same. Also that Taru avatar is pimp.
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  5. I like using VM because that way you can put the entire thing behind a SOCKS5 proxy, including your browser and all correspondence with JaGex per account. Before I would use botting software's built in proxy and maxthon's proxy option to keep accounts consistent but the minute you slip up and accidentally hit some kind of browser leading button in game, BOOM

    I see, cool! Lol thanks =D

    Awesome, keep me posted! Appreciate ya
  6. [​IMG]

    Don't mind the CPU usage, I'm on my shitty laptop. :p

    It's pretty damn good, especially when you just run on a desktop.
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  7. Very nice! Thanks a ton

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