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  1. If you're like me, you develop on several different platforms & computers, and like to keep your projects self-contained. For this reason, I use the standalone JAR version of RuneMate for day-to-day development, which creates an annoyance - the standalone JAR does not automatically update. To address this, I've written an updater (principally for my own use) which you can find here:

    scripts-and-stuff/ at master · josh-richardson/scripts-and-stuff · GitHub

    The updater assumes that you put RuneMate.jar in your project root. In order to use the updater effectively, do the following:
    • Create a new class somewhere relevant named RuneMateUpdater (I chose to create a parent updater package and thus my package structure was com.eagles13.updater).
    • Insert the code from GitHub into the class and compile (CTRL+F9 in IntelliJ). You could alternatively just download the raw file from GitHub and use that.
    • Create a new debug configuration in IntelliJ similar to the one below (your packaging will likely be different)[​IMG]
    • Next, on your usual Run Configuration, add a before launch action like so:[​IMG]
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  2. I likes dis, daily updates are awesome, updating the client everytime is not.
  3. Fenks. :^)
  4. TotallyNotARat.jar.exe
  5. It's a fucking source you absolute mong of the first order.
  6. TotallyJustASource.jar.exe
  7. For anyone wondering, this guy is an example of one of the foremost intellects in the whole of Scotland.
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  8. I'm actually going to take that as a compliment, thanks :) :)
  9. Clever solution to a non-issue, but it helps the people too stubborn to do it properly. Thanks.
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  10. That's a half-assed compliment if ever I heard one. lol.

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