RuneMate Sync Server Upgrade

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  1. We have upgraded our sync server, which is responsible for generating and providing hooks on the fly, to over double the specs it had before. In doing so, our users will experience substantial wait reductions when loading the client and requesting hooks for the first time after each game update. Preliminary benchmarking results have shown improvements of processing the RS3 gamepack in less than two minutes compared to the five or more it previously took.

    This upgrade more than doubled the cost of the sync server, and it would not have been possible without the generosity of our very own @Spartan 117 who donated a whopping $50! We can't thank him enough for his contribution when we needed it the most to stay afloat during this beta period. If you feel inspired by his kindness please feel free to pitch in by upgrading your account. Of course not everyone can afford to be separated from their money, so we remind you that there are a million and one other ways to contribute to the cause; you can develop some cool bots for our Bot Store, share some of your expertise by making a tutorial, or just tell your friends about us. As we reach the final stretch to Release Candidate and full public release, we thank you early adopters for everything you're doing.

    Kind regards,
    RuneMate Staff
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  2. Wow, sounds great. Thanks to Spartan for the donation. :)
    I will definitely try to scrap some money together.
  3. Awesome, and thank you Spartan bro you rock :)
  4. Thanks for the shout out bruh. Glad to see that i could be of help
  5. Glad to see someone can afford to keep this boat afloat, would if i could afford to.
  6. Arbiter, our lord and savior.​

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