Bug Runemate Uses Real Mouse

Discussion in 'Client & Site Support' started by nuviindu, Jul 1, 2016.

  1. Hey guys this is my first post here but I've noticed something RuneMate does that other bots don't. If I'm using a different application while running runemate, my live program switches to runemate. I'm not sure how to explain it in technical terms but if I'm playing a full screen game like CSGO with RuneMate open or minimized, CSGO gets clicked out and the OSRS client icon gets highlighted. Even as I am typing this in Chrome with RuneMate running minimized, The client Icon gets highlighted Chrome is not longer the active window. To be clear, my cursor never leaves where it is at but it acts like it is being moved and clicked on Runemate.
  2. Make sure you minimize runescape clicking the runescape icon in the taskbar i believe, if that doesnt work try minimizing it in other ways. It stopped doing that a while ago for me :p
    The icon is gonna get highlighted whenever the runemate mouse (clouse = cloud mouse) is clicking in runescape
    Just ignore the highlighted icon
    Resolved - Client keeps popping up above other tabs
  3. Thanks a ton mate I believe this worked!

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