RuneMate V1.0.0 - Beta 16

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  1. Changelog
    • (Mouse & Keyboard).(isInputAllowed & toggleInput)
    • Fixed mouse speed & added Mouse.(getSpeedMultiplier & setSpeedMultiplier)
    • Finished Prayer API in both OSRS and RS3
    • Bank.getNearest() now returns a LocatableEntity (extends Locatable, Interactable, and Validatable)
    • Added Manifest.tags to enable better searching in the bot store
    • Added a new constructor for Area that allows for a circular area to be constructed.
    • Unobfuscated OSRSEvent and RS3Event
    • Added a few anti-randoms (Evil-twin, sandwich lady, strange plant, lost & found)
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  2. Clouse is finally fixed. That took way too long. Sorry folks.

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