RuneMate V1.0.0 - Beta 18

Discussion in 'Client Updates' started by Cloud, May 19, 2014.

  1. Changelog
    • Fixed interface scrolling in OSRS (Fixes banking issues)
    • Added Magic.Book.getCurrent()
    • Added Lunar API to both the Powers (RS3) and Magic (OSRS) classes
    • Fixed activate method in all power enums
    • Added support for local states in NpcDefinition (def.getLocalState)
    • Improved Npc.getName using the new local state information (familiars
    • Added comprehensive summoning API (Summoning, Familiars, SummonedFamiliar, Player#getFamiliar())
    • Renamed Actor.getSpeed() to getTraversalSpeed() to clarify
    • InterfaceComponent.getInteractionPoint() is now better distributed
    • Added NpcVertex
    • Added Web.isValid() which validates that all nodes are reachable via BFS (must return true to build a path)
    • WebPaths will now walk to the exact target instead of the nearest vertex.
    • Drastically updated cache library to provide access to all ItemDefinitions in OSRS. There are still a couple parsing issues with it so please don't be surprised if there's a couple issues with the data or if you see this message:
      Code (Text):
      1. Unable to load item definition for 2589: Opcode '230' is unsupported!
    Note: I tried to post this hours ago because that's when I released it, but I was having stomach pains that were enough to leave me in a ball.

    Planned for next release
    • Access to all ObjectDefinitions
    • Java 8 compatibility
  2. Wow that update was big, nice job
  3. I find it amusing that we both keep postponing our respective portions of the Java 8 audit, because nobody likes compatibility testing. :p

    P.S. I have a web feature release for you beautiful devs coming in a day or two. Look out for that, because I'll need your feedback.
  4. That's a lot of updates, sweet :) Can't wait arbi :p
  5. I'm glad you guys like it :)
  6. sounds good

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