RuneMate V1.0.0 - Beta 24

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    Most of the changes made in this release were not documented anywhere, so unfortunately this change log is extremely incomplete. This was a massive release and I regret not being able to prove it to everyone, but please take my word on it.

    Change Log
    • Resource Manager - Resources that are not essential to the initial execution of the client are now downloaded immediately after login. This allows us to include larger resources that we wouldn't be able to package with the client (such as our web) and also allows us to update resources that we don't want to issue client updates for (like our web).
    • Massive performance improvements. I've gone through all of the RS3 related calculations and heavily optimized them. They are now between 5x to 10x as light which means that lower end computers can now run runemate in rs3 mode again.
    • Completely rewrote the Interfaces class. The naming is now much more logical and consistent with itself and other parts of the API.
    • Area now has a constructor that allows you to build polygonal areas.
    • Once again the API related to paths has been changed (hopefully the last major change to the system). The builders in the Traversal class have been removed, and the constructors of the various paths have been made private. They have been replaced with methods such as ViewportPath.convert(Path), BresenhamPath.built(Locatable, Locatable), and In addition, the methods related to path generation have been removed from the Web class and moved to a new WebPathBuilder class which will in the future allow much more path customization. For now it only allows you to choose whether or not to use teleports, but in the future it'll allow you to specify whether it's ok to bank for items, whether or not to use agility shortcuts, and so on.
    • The RS3 login handler has been updated.
    Note: Almost all scripts bots will have been broken by these changes. In addition, until we migrate to a different server many of our php scripts bots are broken (such as the script bot pusher) so for the time being please just update your scripts bots and commit them to your svn. We'll notify you when the script bot pusher is operational again.
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