RuneMate V1.0.0 - Beta 28

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  1. Changelog
    • The OSRS login handler was heavily updated to include detection of invalid username/password, trying to sign in to a members world with a f2p account, account already signed in, and being banned.
    • Coordinate.getReachableCoordinates has been added to the API
    • RS3 collision flags are now calculated based on the loaded objects
    • The frog prince anti-random has been added
    • The menu class has been updated to filter out the (level-xxx) from targets (similar to how the color code is filtered).
    • Added Runescape.Internals class
    • Added Npcs.getAppearanceFilter
    • Fixed misc bugs in the developer toolkit
    • Performance optimizations to the GameObjects class in osrs
    • A lot of other things that I can't remember at the moment...
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  2. Thanks for the hard work! :)
  3. Ninja update!
    A revamped popup dialog shows up warning you when you try to start a bot without selecting an account. This warning can be permanently hidden by the user if they so desire (not recommended).

    Note: A ninja update is a silent hotfix that does not require a client update, because it has been abstracted to the cloud. This means you save precious CPU cycles better spent satiating your botting addiction. ;)
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  4. This means I save precious CPU cycles to help finding bugs, nice one anyway :p

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