RuneMate V1.0.0 - Beta 36

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    • Added support for evil bob's island (should be 100% functional but still undergoing testing)
    • Added support for the grim reaper's office (rs3 - occurs after first death and occasional quest deaths)
    • Removed CommonMath#hourly and replaced it with CommonMath#rate
    • Expanded and improved the query api (still in early development)
    • Fixed and tested the client updater (deletes old client, replaces with new client, and then restarts the new client)
    • Fixed a bug where the client could get stuck behind the taskbar (and presumably similar obstacles in non-windows OSes) -
    • Fixed combat gauges in rs3 -
    • MouseListeners added to a scripts bots event queue now receive all human mouse events and no artificial events.
    • Fixed Inventory.getSelectedItem in RS3
    • Migrated more constants to the cloud
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  1. Fixing bug by bug, we are slowly getting there xD
  2. Are the random events loaded like scripts bots are loaded? Via de bot store? So that when you have an update for a random event you don't need to update the whole client?
  3. @Cloud thoughts? I love the idea. :D
    ^ that was a pun
  4. oops lol, fixed
  5. Emergency 36.3 has been released

    • Bee keeper will only trigger when it's supposed to
    • RS3 moved ability related classes for legacy support
    • OSRS moved magic/prayer classes

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