RuneMate V1.0.0 - Beta 37

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  1. Changelog
    • Initial Legacy RS3 support
      • Refactored several packages (You'll need to update your script bot)
      • Tab -> OSRSTab
      • Added LegacyTab
      • Added InterfaceWindows (A limited abstraction of OSRSTab, LegacyTab, and ActionWindow)
      • Added RuneScape.isLegacyModeEnabled
      • Updated the minimap isVisible check to account for the rounded minimap
    • Improved unexpected item handler
    • Improved interface closer
    • Improved interface scrolling
    • Added Openable/Closeable interfaces
    • Added ActionWindow.close
    • Expanded chaining API
    • Improved client updater (sdk parameter will be carried over)
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  2. You got some nice updates there
  3. Awesome :) What's this unexpected item handler?
  4. It's the handler that takes care of things like the strange rock and such.
  5. You mean strange box? lol. When will this be out? Just want to know when i'll need to update scripts bots :p I'm currently in the process of converting my thiever :) I've also got my tab maker, larder maker and oak chair maker to convert. Only problem is i don't have members to test if they still work or not.
  6. That includes RS3 item handlers like treasure key tickets :)
  7. Nope, the strange rocks in rs3. It's handled like a random event.
    Yeah :)
  8. lol what are they for? Shows how long its been since I played rs3 haha
  9. You can add the strange rocks you get to a statue at varrock's museum to complete the statue and get something I forgot now lol
  10. Strange rocks complete the statue for XP & it's a trimmed completionist cape requirement. Key tickets are for Treasure Hunter.
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  11. This update is now available :)
  12. YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Ugh so exciting every time :D
  13. Ah that's right! Forgot about the statue, haha

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