RuneMate V1.0.0 - Beta 38

Discussion in 'Client Updates' started by Cloud, Jul 23, 2014.

    • 100% Legacy mode support
    • Fixed the flickering that occurred during screen projection (RS3) (I had to learn linear algebra for this -_-)
    • Added Interfaces.getSelected and SlotAbility.isSelected
    • Added a QueryResults class to the API (extends ArrayList). This allows for better sorting, shuffling, sublisting, and most importantly it allows you to more easily mix them. Using these correctly can help to prevent script bot detection.
      Code (Text):
      2. Previously:  GameObjects.newQuery().names("Chair").actions("interact").nearest();
      3. Current:       GameObjects.newQuery().names("Chair").actions("interact").results().nearest();
    • Updated the web walking path generator to correctly handle when path generation fails (return null)
  1. :D I just KaReamed in my pants! xD
  2. Nice one Cloud, nice one *pat on your back*
  3. It currently doesn't Launch. Sit tight for an update
  4. Java 7 support has been fixed as of beta 38.3, but you may need to redownload the entire client.
  5. Interesting. Perhaps I'll take a look.
  6. Bring your AIO Combat script bot here please. You will find the API much more pleasing and admins not being cuntfucks :)
  7. Strongly considering it, I'm really lazy though.
  8. Put that 32gb RAM computer to use mehn
  9. Who are you? o_O
  10. I am anonymouse
    Psyche, This is Spartan 117
  11. Oh yes, that guy who is literally on every bot forum xD
  12. Well, i do contribute everywhere i am in one way or another :(
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  13. I'll mess around with the client later on, but fyi I like how the information is displayed for npcs/objects and stuff but it's not too practical.
  14. @Cloud takes suggestions so just shoot
  15. If you can explain how it's not practical I can work with you to make it more friendly, however if you're suggesting hiding information it's going to be really hard to convince me. One of the main design points I'm pushing for is that scripters shouldn't be using ids at all and identification should be as dynamic as possible. This includes using things like model hashes, names, actions, textures, and whatever other information is available.
  16. I'd much rather have a traditional layout for information. Selecting one npc at a time or even having to click them to see the data to begin with seems like a waste of time. I just want to enable debug, grab the data from the npcs on screen and add it to my scripts bots.


    Also, what's going on with the model in that picture? It's in the wrong spot entirely.
  17. The problem with the old style of debugging over entities is that even displaying a single piece of information (which isn't nearly enough) results in the screen looking cluttered. This way you can view all of the information the way the client is seeing it and it's far more helpful when debugging a problem. Although you may not think it's as practical I'm sure you'll end up enjoying it when something isn't going to the way you expect it to. And regarding that model, I have no idea, I'd have to have an account there to check into it. It could be something as stupid as a miscalculated table height.
  18. Yes, but I'm limited to grabbing one id at a time by the GUI instead of being able to easily view everything.

    I get that all the IDs are visible in the GUI, but they don't reflect over to the npcs on screen. I don't really know which ones what. Also models are kinda broke.

  19. Well once of the purposes of providing all that information is so that you use the information to detect entities instead of ids. I understand that you can't tell quite as easily at a glance, however there's a distance filter to help you better judge. Would it be easier for you if they were sorted by distance by default? Also, the model isn't broken it's just a culled model. I'm going to be accessing models from the cache at some point after the official release similar to what we do for definitions, but for the time being culled models work fine.

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