RuneMate V1.0.0 - Beta 46

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    Plenty of behind the scenes stuff has been going on lately (and it's still on going), but here's a slight status update beta to let you know we're making progress.
    • The default output stream has been updated to prepend the time that the message was logged at to the message.
    • The internal Jagex cache handler has been updated in many aspects to be faster and provide safer IO operations, while at the same time being more accurate and being able to correctly parse more files.
    • The client subtitle (ClientUI.setSubtitle) has been updated to scroll when the message doesn't fit in the allocated space.
    • A lot of work has been done internally with models and although it's not yet complete it is nearing completion.
    • Fixed the OSRS hooks that broke with the recent update (which fixed a lot of bugs reported by @Aidden)
    • Temporary files are now stored in a far less volatile folder
    • Clouse has been updated to be more strict on its movement collection, however the effects of this won't be noticeable for a few days.
    • Our "IOTunnel" has been updated to provide much faster IO operations when working with traditional pre-NIO streams. This improved performance in many areas and as a result things should feel more snappy.
    The javadocs have also been updated in your developer panel.
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    @Black Fire I'd really appreciate it if you critiqued the new and improved Clouse collection methodology. May have to wait a day or so to refill the data set though.
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    I would be more than happy 2.

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