RuneMate V1.0.0 - Beta 53

Discussion in 'Client Updates' started by Cloud, Oct 15, 2014.

  1. Changelog
    • Developer tools available on the bot store are now accessible from within sdk mode
    • You can now start a bot from the command line via the -bot="name" argument
    • You can select a default account to be used via the -account="login_name" argument
    • onStart() has been changed to onStart(String... arguments) to allow for setting up scripts bots from the command line. You should try to support passing in the configuration via CLI arguments so that users can avoid having to setup GUI's.
    • Added Interactable#getInteractionPoint(Point origin)
    • LocatableEntity#getVisibility() has been added, it returns a percentage stating roughly how visible it is.
      • Entirely accurate when a model is available
      • Accurate to approximately 10% when a backup or forced model is used
      • When the coordinate is the only visibility indicator available, it will only return 0%, 50%, or 100%. This is subject to change in the near future when I decompose it into further polygons, however it still won't be as accurate as when a model is available.
    • [Delayed!] Removed "production" element from script bot manifest, replaced with "hidden" element which can be used to hide your script bot from the bot store (subject to being approved which is done in a similar way to script bot updates).
    • Fixed Uncaught Exception dialogue not showing the exception.
    • Fixed default mouse trail not appearing.
    • Added Path#step(TraversalOption... options)
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  2. Also you fixed the mouse trail not appearing problem.
  3. Sounds good man, will this be out today? Just need to know so im ready to update asap
  4. Oh yes, you also added step(TraversalOption... options);
  5. My end is done, I'm just awaiting a few things from Arbiter.
  6. Awesome, if it's out tonight i'll try and get my scripts bots updated tonight as well. So how will args be parsed to the script bot exactly? Will it only be the args not recognized by the client or will we have to filter those out? Cause i plan to make all my scripts bots support it
  7. The script bot will only receive the arguments that were intended for the script bot. The arguments will not be passed in the initial release containing these features however it should be available late this weekend.
  8. This update is now available, please let me know if any new problems have occurred.
  9. Can we select local scripts bots when the new bot argument?
  10. Can't see why it wouldn't be possible.
  11. Would most likely require you to be in dev mode @Cloud

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