RuneMate V1.0.0 - Beta 54

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  1. Changelog
    • You can now run runemate in directx and opengl mode directly from a jdk installation instead of requiring a separate jre to be installed. This issue was caused because of how the jdk is setup and as far as I'm aware it is still affecting other clients.
    • The CombatGauge#getPercent is now rounded up instead of down. This is so that npcs with less than 1% of their life left won't appear dead.
    • Our cache implementation is changing slightly to hopefully give us access to all object definitions in osrs again. You may also see some very slightly performance increases as a result of this.
    • The Execution and Random class have had an overhaul. The way these classes were being used by scripters has been closely monitored and as a result they have received changes to make them less academic and more practical. Not all of these changes will be noticeable in an IDE right away because although certain method arguments have been changed, the method signatures for some have remained constant. Please carefully check up on all of your usages to make sure the method arguments are still what you expect them to be.
    • Bank#withdrawToBeastOfBurden has been added for RS3. It is still your responsibility as a scripter to ensure that your BoB has enough space left in it's inventory to withdraw the quantity specified.
    • Added WebPath#getGenerationTime and RegionPath#getGenerationTime
    • Renamed Actor#getInteractingEntity to getTarget
    • Added text stating whether or not a GroundItem is reachable next to it's position in the developer toolkit. This is cpu intensive so enabling low cpu mode prevents this from being calculated.
    • Improved performance of entity projection (rendering ingame bounds such as models and polygons will see a large decrease in cpu usage, along with when the mouse is moving and other situations) (with more to come soon)
    • Fixed a bug in the web framework which caused it to generate a bresenham path between two "tunnel" objects such as the agility shortcut that is used in the tutorial.
    • Fixed a bug that causes a null pointer exception when trying to project an entity during the transition between the lobby and the ingame world.
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  2. Looking good man :p
  3. This update has been released!
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