RuneMate V1.0.0 - Beta 56

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    • Added a LoopingThread class for simple, carefully managed looping async tasks. Simply create them like any other thread by passing in a runnable, and also specify a min and max loop delay similar to the way you would with LoopingScript. When the script bot is paused, the thread will pause too. When the script bot is stopped, so will the LoopingThread.
    • Added exception submission dialogue to the client (web ui coming soon!)
    • Dropped support for Java 7 in exchange for better cross platform compatibility (JavaFX doesn't work well on non-windows OSes on java 7)
    • Fixed Prayer.Curse#isActivated
    • Fixed WebPath#getNext not returning the proper object under certain conditions.
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  1. Mouse seems to be dead again :( Worked fine just after the update, but when I woke up today it wouldn't work again
  2. i don't experience theese kind of problems :(
  3. Same man, every new release I get a new working mouse, but in the end it will die until the next one comes out.

    Hopefully we can address this issue soon.
  4. A new minor update has been released which will hopefully offer some improvements to Clouse by handling movements better while they're stored in their raw form. In addition I've made some changes to the web walking which I'm hoping will improve performance.

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