RuneMate V1.0.0 - Beta 79

Discussion in 'Client Updates' started by Cloud, Mar 27, 2015.

    • The number of unread conversations and alerts are now shown within the main window
    • Your current balance is also shown (and updated) within the main window
    • A bug in GameObjects#getLoadedAt has been fixed (rs3 only)
    • A lot of error messages have been revised
    • URLs shown within popup dialogues are now clickable links
    • The order of columns within the setup dialogue has been revised
    And that's all that I can think of...
    Oh nevermind, there's one more thing...

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  1. Premiums YEEEEEESSSSSS!!!!
  2. Loaded up RM and thought I was made a donator LOL. Nice update :)
  3. haha I'm glad you like it
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  4. @Cloud , seeing my miner script bot is the only one for OSRS, would you say $0,79 is okay?
  5. The day has finally come. Congratulations @Arbiter and @Cloud , good job!
  6. pay by hours of use?? please make available unique payload!!
  7. This is a milestone in the short journey RuneMate has made so far. The future is looking bright!
  8. Sickum updates Cloud. Ily.
  9. Can you explain the premium system?
  10. Well, you're going to have to pick an hourly rate (but I believe you can charge a fraction of a penny per hour, but @Arbiter knows the details of that better than I)
    It's simple, you pick an hourly rate to charge and then as a user runs your script bot we bill them. To be accepted as a premium script bot, it goes through the standard review process but then both the code and runtime quality are evaluated. If I like it all, it gets accepted.
  11. I like that system, are there going to be things like monthly flatrates? And how do I commit such a bot?
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  12. Don't know if i'm a fan of this per hour system, would much rather have a flat rate per script bot, but I could be wrong.
  13. This way it's a no commitment deal, if the bot breaks or is shit, you haven't wasted $10. I believe the hourly rates are going to be extremely low, and in most cases you'll easily make the money back just by running the bot.
  14. Those flatrates would be optional and only for people who bot a large amount of time per day
  15. We're talking rates similar to $0.01/hr which can actually work about much better for the user. Usually you'd pay $10-20/month and as slash said, if the bot breaks or isn't working properly you're basically wasting a big chunk of that money. Here, you're paying mere cents so if you run it for a few hours and dont like it you haven't wasted $20. If the bot breaks you're not invested in it as you're only paying for every hour you use.
  16. Ooohh I was expecting rates to be like .25 - .75 an hour, so I thought that was kind of bogus, but if the rates are going to be relatively low then I have no problem with that. Thanks for explaining.
  17. Not a problem :) There are many ways scripters can use to determine a good rate for that script bot. Could be based on existing monthly scripts bots, factoring in the average number of hours users would use that particular kind of bot every month or it could perhaps be based on the profit per hour, even the average time it takes to get 99 etc.

    I expect the prices to mostly be based on the current monthly prices. for example i could say the average user would run this bot 10 hours a day 30 days a month. This bot usually costs $15/month. $15/300hours = $0.05/hour
  18. Imo, hourly rates are still better, but each to their own
  19. It's unlikely to happen for reasons that have already been stated.
    Going off of the "if the bot breaks" trend, it also makes it so that if the bot breaks users won't be running it and devs won't be making money, hence it encourages them to always keep their quality up. It also makes it much easier for a user to test a premium script bot without feeling like they wasted their money if they don't like it.

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