Released RuneMate V1.1.0 - Server-side Pathfinding

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  1. This massive update that's long been in the making is finally here!

    The default web previously used several hundred megabytes of memory in RS3 and about a hundred megabytes in OSRS. Because of this it was one of the easiest targets to reduce memory consumption. The default web and all calculations related to it have now been moved to the cloud (aka our servers). This reduces memory in the client by a noticeable amount. In addition, many of the clients caching mechanisms have been improved. This should further help the issue. Local webs can still be used and have had work done on their calculations to help improve performance.

    There have also been several dozen miscellaneous changes and bug fixes made. This has been long in the making so a lot of stuff made it into this release, although I couldn't even begin to list them.

    Bot Authors - Many of your bots haven't been updated following the recommendations I've been giving for several months. Because of this many of your bots are currently BROKEN. I will work with any of you personally to get this resolved as quickly as possible. Please message me on Slack if you have any issues.
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  2. Thanks for the amazing work you've been doing! Lower memory usage is a definite plus so definitely thanks.
  3. Wooh! That sounds great! Thank you for all your hard work.
  4. Thanks for the update
  5. Really nice update :D

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