RuneMate v3.11.4+1.15.4 has been released!

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    RuneMate v3.11.4+1.15.4 has been released!
    • Add ability to get projected Npcs and ItemDefinitions from ChatDialog
    • Fix Prayer level requirements
    • Change pathing calculations to use the player's "true" tile
    • Massively improve loading times for DefaultUI Equipment control
    • Fix Magic.getSelected() returning deprecated values
    • Block problematic Draynor Village banker from Banks query
    • Fix House.setBuildingMode()
    • Banks API can now use Grand Exchange bankers
    • Fix an exception that can be thrown when using SettingDoubleSpinner
    • Fix an exception that can be thrown when stopping a bot
    • Fix a problem that stopped the use of certain landmarks
    • Fix a bug that could cause Path#getLength() to return unreliable results
    • Fix a concurrency issue when processing ItemEvents
    • Added support for providing SpriteItems to DirectInput.sendSpellCastOn()
    • Add a variety of obstacles to the web including Lizardman Settlement entrances.
    • Fix teleporting to Castle Wars using a Ring of duelling
    • Added support for Lumbridge cellar bank
    • Decreased the likelihood of bots pathing through dangerous areas
    • Fixed a bug that could cause web path building to fail
    • Projectile events are no longer queued, now dispatched immediately
    • RuneMate should now warn you when RuneLite is potentially out of date
    • Fixed some buggy controls in the RuneMate settings page
    • Users should no longer appear as @Arbiter when an error occurs on startup
    • Settings from the DefaultUI should now be unique per RuneScape account
    @Swych (Hexis)
    • Fail-fast when Direct Input receives an invalid action
    • Add Catacombs of Kourend web obstacles
    • Improved reliability when interacting with in-game entities
    Note: if you're experiencing any issues with bots since the update, please try restarting your PC to ensure you have all the latest component versions!

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