RuneMate v3.6.0+1.8.0 has been released!

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    RuneMate v3.6.0+1.8.0 has been released!

    Default UI & Smart Configuration

    We've implemented a new graphical user interface (for bots which don't provide one of their own) so that users are able to track their experience and loot gains regardless of what bot they are using! In tandem, we've released a new configuration system which should streamline the development process for Bot Authors.

    A written guide will soon follow for Bot Authors wishing to use these systems, but in the meantime feel free to ask questions in development. The majority of the JavaFX work was done in the open-source repository, and we encourage contributions - you can find the source here: src/main/java/com/runemate/ui · develop · RuneMate / Community / Game API · GitLab

    This is a very basic user interface, so any feedback you can provide would go a long way in helping us improve it!

    In other news...
    - Added SettingsListener which can be used to observe configuration changes in the system mentioned above.
    - Added SpriteItem.Image, a utility for reading item sprites directly from the game client rather than an external resource.
    - RuneMate will now detect the correct game cache to use. This should fix issues some users have been reporting recently where bots are doing nothing.
    - Added several new JavaFX binding utility classes: RateBinding, TimestampBinding, SuffixBinding.
    - Several backend changes to improve stability and reliability.

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  2. michael5555

    Nov 28, 2015
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    I'm using the standalone version, the new default UI seems to be missing. script bot runs, but the client interface is frozen

    Code (Text):
    1. java.lang.AbstractMethodError: Receiver class does not define or inherit an implementation of the resolved method 'abstract createDefaultUserInterface(' of interface
    2.     at nul.iiiIiIiiiiiIii.IiiiiiiiIIIIii(uu:183)
    3.     at java.base/java.util.Optional.ifPresent(
    4.     at nul.iiiIiIiiiiiIii.iiiIIiiiIiIiii(uu:183)
    5.     at nul.iiiIiIiiiiiIii.initialize(uu:125)
    6.     at javafx.fxml.FXMLLoader.loadImpl(
    7.     at javafx.fxml.FXMLLoader.loadImpl(
    8.     at javafx.fxml.FXMLLoader.load(
    9.     at nul.iIiIIiiiiIiiii.iiIIiiiiiiiIii(tc:335)
    10.     at nul.iIiIIiiiiIiiii.IiIIiiiiiIIiiI(tc:488)
    11.     at nul.iiiIiIiiiiiIii.<init>(uu:266)
    12.     at nul.iiiIiIiiiiiIii.<init>(uu:142)
    13.     at nul.iiiiiIiiiIIIIi.iiiIiiiiIiiIIi(efa:300)
    14.     at nul.IiIIiIiiiIiIIi.iIiIIiiiiIIiIi(ts:247)
    15.     at nul.iiIIIIiiiiiIII.iIiIIiiiiIIiIi(lr:1099)
    16.     at
    17.     at javafx.concurrent.Task$

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