RuneMate v3.8.5+1.8.6 has been released!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by American Express, Jan 11, 2023.

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    RuneMate v3.8.5+1.8.6 has been released!
    A lot of backend changes this release to improve stability/performance, as well as several community contributions!

    - Fixed RFD sub-quest IDs.
    - Fixed Traversal.getRunEnergy()

    @Dark sage
    - Fixed interaction with mounted amulet of glory in POH.

    - Fixed handling of login response messages for "Fresh Start" worlds.
    - Fixed handling of login response when a P2P player tries logging into a F2P world when standing in a members area

    - Changed the way we launch RuneLite so it provides the correct client arguments and reports when it is out of date.
    - Also fixed an issue with launching RuneLite on OSX.
    - Reworked communication layer with the game client.

    Join the RuneMate Discord to stay up to date: Join the RuneMate Discord Server!
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  2. itzjbc

    Jan 11, 2023
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    I just want to say a big thank you too all the Runemate staff, and the devs, the site is awesome and you can tell there has been lots of work behind the scenes! keep doing what your doing. I'm happy to support where i can!

    Much love from New Zealand :)
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  3. CaS5

    Aug 5, 2022
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    Still having troubles with runemate on Ubuntu 22.10 recognizing Runelite is open. It is an up to date installation and clicking Runelite inside of Runemate launches it properly, but fails to see that it is open.

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