Resolved Runemate won't open on Windows XP 2002

Discussion in 'Client & Site Support' started by befored, Oct 3, 2015.

  1. Like, you double click it and nothing happens.. at all.
  2. While RuneMate *should* run just fine on Windows XP with Java 8, neither Oracle (Java) nor us (RuneMate) supports it.
  3. My problem solver doesn't reboot your computer automatically, it will ask you.
    Make sure your using the first option as I mentioned before.
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    Apparently, its still possible :p
  4. Yeaaaaaaah.. I hit "1" instead of "0"..
  5. Haha, not a problem buddy.
    Simply reinstall Java, and the problem might even resolve itself.
    If not, use option 0 :p
  6. Did everything but still no results. I double click the client but nothing happens; I have Java 8, I used your option 0 thing and other jars can run :l
  7. Try running this program as admin:

    PS: Also check if your Antivirus is blocking access ;)
  8. ..nope *sniffles*

    edit: When trying to delete RuneMate, it claims it's already open, and checking the task manager I see it's using 24000kb of mem -- but I don't see it anywhere
  9. Do you want me to teamview you ?
    I'll bbl in like an hour.
  10. I might not be here in an hour, but if I am, sure :D
  11. Make sure you uninstall any old versions of Java, also.
  12. I can do it now actually ;)
    Sent me a private message with your Teamviewer ID and PASS.
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    UPDATE: I tried to fix it, but couldn't.
    His Windows XP is not fully supported anymore by Java, and 99,9% sure thats the issue.
    Here are some things that I've tried to resolve his problem:
    1. Uninstalling all Java including leftovers using JavaRa
    2. Reinstalling latest Java
    3. Install Java SDK
    4. Manually added the Environment Variables in Windows XP
    5. Run RuneMate using a batch file with several options
    6. Converting my RuneMate to exe, and including the com.runemate.boot class
    This is everything I could think of, but unfortunately it didn't help.
    Like I said, I'm 99,99999999% sure It's his outdated OS.
  13. What type of error occurs in the command line when you run it through there?
  14. Out of curiosity, why in the world are you still running Windows xp? ( not being aggressive, I just truly want to know <3 )
  15. I don't know what this means and

    The updater never worked
  16. If you have half decent hardware, you should try to get on at least windows 7 :D If you want to of course.
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