RS3 RuneMate's #1 - Skiller botting progress

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  1. Currently achieved skillcapes with RuneMate!





    What I currently am working on!



    Coming soon.

    My Supporter Homies:


    Woodcutting - MaxiWoodcutter by Aidden

    Divination - CP Divination by Deafeat3d

    Fletching - MaxiFletcher by Aidden
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  2. An early goodluck ;)
  3. Bumpgoose.

    Good luck man.
  4. Update 1.0
  5. support
  6. Update 2.0
  7. Thanks
  8. how many hours a day are you botting?
  9. 18-22 Hours
  10. How haven't you got banned yet lol
  11. Been banned 3x times on 3x account (not even fresh accs) using RSBOT.

    Came to RuneMate, used in total about 500-700 hours of botting... under a period of 3-4 weeks.
    No bans, very smooth and nice.
  12. Update 3.0

    - Making some heavy progress, started fletching 3-4 days ago already reached level 90 o_O!
  13. where do you get the logs from wc? could you please tell me how you got that? Thanks
  14. I don't quite understand you, could you please formulate your self a bit clearer?
  15. Are you buying them or collecting them. I presume buying.....
  16. Nice progress! how much per day do you bot?
  18. You should list which scripts bots were used for each skill. I see you're using my fletcher :) Goodluck by the way :p

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