RS3 RuneScape 3 "Crawling hands slayer guide"

Discussion in 'Guides' started by WYD, Jul 7, 2015.

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    - Aussie Gamer couple
  2. You should probably mention that you need to complete Priest in Peril before you can go through the passage.
  3. Not anymore you dont. Was changed in a previous update. you can just kill the ghoul guarding the passage and go through.
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  4. Dude THANKS! I always struggled with killing crawling hands. They are so strong like wtf dude. Btw drops are fine there. You can collect your own collection of gloves!

    Edit: Can you be my friend?
    Edit2: Your music is copyrighted. This music in your intro was created by BoneCode. Can you remove it?
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  5. xD u troller
  6. That's pretty gay.
  7. Well I guess moar level 3 swamp lizard bots.
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  8. Why these weird quotation marks m9?
  9. Its a citation ffs.
  10. Srryxdddd
  11. I'm sorry man but Im going to be straight up.

    Worst guide ever. Surprised you can even call it that.

    Had to constantly skip through because of those shit scratchy sounds
    Had to cover half the screen because your evil pedo stare scares the shit out of me. You look like one of the kids in America that goes around shooting up school.
    You barely talked and when you did you sound like a Swedish muppet.
    And seriously who the needs a guide for crawling hands.

    Im not trying to be mean man but seriously step your game.

    Go watch "ImSikvoit" on youtube. Patrick knows how to make a good guide
  12. Shut up.


    You either say nice things to WYD or nothing at all
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  13. Is this suppose to be a joke, I seriously feel bad for the kid if he thinks he's doing the community a good deed.
  14. nty, imsikovit has a boring and annoying voice
    wyd is better tbh (not even joking)
  15. Look, he wants to make a few YouTube videos, if you don't like them, don't say anything instead of putting him down. You can give him constructive criticism but don't put the kid down.
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  16. Currently discussing with Arbiter & Cloud whether all @WYD threads should be stickied.
  17. We settled the dispute dw
  18. I'm still trying to wrap my head around how this is serious. Does this kid have a disability? I mean no offence I just need clarification? Because he he's Aussie and I'm Aussie and that was no where near close to Australian let alone English.
  19. He has autism stop being mean to him you autistic bastard
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  20. There so much irony in there I could iron my clothes with it.

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