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Discussion in 'Guides' started by WYD, Aug 8, 2015.

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  1. RuneScape 3 {Free to play} Money making guide | Wine of Zamorak | 800K+/h Method #6

  2. good luck on this money making method with all the bots on this lol,
    i wouldn't do f2p methods id do p2p.
  3. lol's ahhaha
  4. isnt wine of zam like the highest ban rate lol
  5. he is talking not botting i would assume and yes it is.
  6. No one know's but If you like to know do this"Fuck Mod mark for a big fat Mod mmg Bond so you can know if it a low ban or not"
  7. I'ma need a translation on this one.
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  8. I was just joking hahah
  9. you mean subtitles... no1 can understand what this guy is saying... :s
  10. I meant for WYD's post xD
  11. Love the hate ♥
  12. I am really starting to dislike you...
    Just to let you know, you are active in a botting community, and your rs name is all over your vids :)
    Just saying...
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  13. I do not bot on that ACC I PLAY ON IT AND I DO NOT BOT NO MORE!!!!!
  14. It's not even hate hahaha
  15. shits gettin real get pop corn
  16. If you do not bot than go to runescape redit or some shit.
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  17. So you are just here to take advantage of the community, god, please go make QUALITY video's and go see a speech therapist, and then you don't need to spam your useless video's all over here.
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    He prolly does bot :p just don't want to admit it, cuz he does not want to lose his acc now :p xd
  18. probs
  19. I do not bot cos i do not have time for that ahha
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