RS3 Runescape 3 Money Making Guide 2015 F2P: Method's

Discussion in 'Guides' started by WYD, May 31, 2015.

  1. Runescape 3 Money Making Guide 2015 F2P: Method 1 runecrafting

    Runescape 3 Money Making Guide 2015 F2P: Method 2 Picking potatoes

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  2. You might want to speak more clearly in your next guides. Fun to see either way.
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  3. true neckbeard lmao, keep it up man
    try not to play music in the background when we barely can hear you talk
  4. Yeah, i really did not understand a single word :p
  5. Fix :)
  6. I always thought killing cows was a good method?
  7. I do that soon in a funny way =D
  8. Should have included bots in your video :/

    About the potato picking; I always wondered where the term "gold-farming" came from, thanks for clarifying that :)
  9. haha oh dear, pls be trolling
  10. Was that English?
  11. He's from your country.
  12. That was no where near close to Australian.

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