Runescape Ban Question

Discussion in 'General' started by Pierce MFG, Oct 26, 2015.

  1. My Personal Question:
    When you can banned from RuneScape does it ban you on all servers.
    • RuneScape Classic
    • RuneScape 3
    • RuneScape 2007
    • DarkScaepe
  2. yep all round
  3. yeh it sux =(
    Best is to make multiple acc for each server :)
    Downside is, that you need to pay membership times the amount aswell :(
  4. Yes, you could just try making a different account for each server. :)
  5. who plays RS Classic? xd
  6. How do you feel with that?
  7. If there was an open weekend or so i would definetely try it out, even though im sure i will get bored with it lol
  8. u never know ;] I dont like the graphics. Damn id like to bot on rs classic. So low cpu usage

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