Resolved RuneScape client becomes active window on mouse click

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  1. So I've just recently started to make my bots work properly with Spectre. I found when using a bot with Spectre that anytime the bot clicks something (whether it be interacting with, walking etc.) then the RuneScape client becomes the active window. So if I click off the RuneScape client into another window, as soon as the bot interacts with something it will become the active window which can be annoying especially when trying to type something in another window or anything. I'll include a video to make it easier to explain what I am talking about.

    Spectre Version: V1.1.5
    Bind Version: V1.1.0
    Affected Games: RS3
    Code Used: N/A

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  3. Only occurs on a small amount of windowing systems.
  4. Yeah, no one else has said that it's happened to them. Is it fixable or nah?
  5. I do not know if I even have the right to comment in this section, but I would also like to point out that this issue also manifests when using spectre on a stock Windows 10 machine. (clean install)
  6. Minimize the client. That's the easiest solution.
  7. It still does it, the taskbar comes up and the runescape client icon starts blinking orange.
    I do not mind it.

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