RS3 Runescape Money making #1 w/Wood cutting/Fletching

Discussion in 'Guides' started by WYD, Oct 21, 2015.

  1. Is this even you lol? Every other thing you have posted you look completely different and I can't understand a thing you say in them, this one I can understand the words and you look completely different....I'm smelling some stolen footage here.... @EvilCabbage @Arbiter
  2. It's not his chanel . His is @Aussie Gamer i think.
  3. That is not wyd. That being said, he never claimed it as his. It's just odd he advertises for someone else.
  4. But i was in the vid too in rs.
  5. @WYD
    send me a hat made of your beard hair for Christmas
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  6. Oh, I didn't watch all. Disregard what I said in that case.
  7. That guy must be my lost twin !!
    Holy shizzle xD
    He looks alottttt like me.
  8. Can we see a pic of you sexy one?

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