RS3 runescape p2p money guide #3

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  1. Method one: Cleaning grimy irit [​IMG] Herblore [​IMG]
    Requirements: 1,000,000+ coins recommended,
    Does it have a bot: yes there is "Alpha Herblore" created by "SlashnHax"
    Profit an hour: 825,000 per hour "done right"

    Method two: Collecting honeycomb [​IMG]
    Requirements: Being a member insect repellent "get from bee keeper at the area"
    Does it have a bot: yes there is "BHoneycomb" created by "Bertrand"
    Profit an hour: 668,000K High.

    Method three: Cutting elder logs [​IMG]
    Requirements:90 [​IMG] (higher recommended) 33 [​IMG] recommended Woodcutting,
    Does it have a bot: yes there is "Alpha Woodcutting" created by "SlashnHax"
    Profit an hour: 632,000K.

    Method four: Recharging amulet of glory's
    Requirements: Heroes' Quest
    Suggestion: buy in bulk.
    Does it have a bot: not that i am aware of.
    Profit an hour: UNKOWN

    Video will soon be uploaded: editing for now.

    more credit to whom created.
  2. Thanks for making a notice of my bot.
  3. no problem.
  4. I love @SlashnHax alot, but i got to hand it over to @Aidden , i can run his script bot for 20h's and it will still run fine, i did have some issues with Alpha Herblore in the past.
    NOTE: i just ran alpha herblore for 2h's and i did not have any issues.
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  5. every time i do methods i do diffrent people or no bot so yea
  6. Ah so if i get it right, you adviced Alphe Herblore, since you already added bots from @Aidden in other tips? am i right? :)
  7. yes i find good methods in game if i do i look to see if there is a bot for it and make the video or text.

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