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    You answer the question that was asked by the poster above you and ask a new question. You can only ask a new question if you are able to answer the above. If you do now know the answer to the question above you are not allowed to reply.

    First question:

    What is the ship called in which you and Ned sail to Crandor in order to slay Elvarg?
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  2. The ship is called the "Lady Lumbridge".

    Q: When was RuneScape Classic publicly released?
  3. RuneScape (now RuneScape Classic) was launched in Januari 2001.

    Q: What level is required to summon a Bunyip?
  4. Summoning level 68.

    Q: In which quest do you get to use shears the first time?
  5. Sheep Shearer?

    Q: What quest do you have to do to be able to wear the rune plate body?
  6. Dragon Slayer

    Q: At what level can you get Kuradal as your Slayer master?
  7. Both 75 Slayer and 110 combat are required.

    Q: Whose daughter is Kuradal?
  8. Duradel

    Q: From what quest can you access the prayer "Soul Split"?
  9. The Temple of Senntisten

    Q: What quest is needed to enter the jungle south of Shilo Village?
    Seriously tell me, I have a clue scroll to solve and I can't figure out
  10. Acces to the Kharazi Jungle is granted during the Legends Quest (a big part of the quest takes part in there)

    Q: How many Red sandstone can you mine each day?
  11. Players are only able to mine a maximum of 75 red sandstone per day.

    Q: How many Naff's Knockoff Staves can you buy a day?
  12. 80, that is if you completed the Varrock diary tasks.

    Q: Of what guild is Radimus Erkle the headmaster?
  13. Legends' guild

    Q: How much is it in a max stack in RS? For example, max cash stack?
  14. 2147 million

    Q: How do RuneScape trolls, for example 'My Arm', earn their name?
  15. They get their names from the first things they eat; Burnt Meat, Drunken Dwarf's Left Leg, My arm etc.

    Q: What are the names of the individuals who sell team capes in the wilderness?
  16. I don't know their specific names but the first letter of their names spell out the word "Wilderness".

    Q: What NPC requires the quest "Eagles' Peak" to be able to hunt it?
  17. Ferrets

    Q: What does it cost to enter the Market in Zanaris?
  18. A single cut diamond.

    Q: What metal is used in the quest "Between A Rock" to break through the un-breakable rock and how?
  19. Perfect Gold? Or just gold. It's made into a helmet and you are shot from a Dwarf Cannon while wearing it.

    Q: Which color of party hat saw a massive drop in price after users exploited an item duplication glitch?
  20. Purple partyhat (?)

    Q: Why hasn't "Suomi" maxed out total xp yet?

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