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Would you pay for a runecrafting bot?

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  1. I would pay for a premium runespan bot. I am using a offsite premium runespan bot and its not very good xp and of course higher banrate. i would pay for runespan bot as i understand it would be very difficuilt.
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  2. I am gonna put all other bot development behind this one, and hope to create this in f2p! Started working on it!
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    Not close to being complete, but got it to collect from selected objects on the island you are on :D
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    @Dylan Turner How does the UI look? That's all i have so far on it... Any suggestions?
    Im pretty new to Runespan and RS3
  3. Sorry am just leaving work now you have got me quite excited baout looking at this, i will reply to you as soonnaas i get home!

  4. And should the bot have island hopping? or is that not needed?
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    how long is that? it's 132 am here, im so tired.
  5. I believe it should have island hopping, in my opinion. I know it would take longer but I think it would pay off...
  6. So would you rather me not put this out until island hopping is added? or release a version that cant but update it to have it later?
  7. Yeah, like a beta release. The interface looks great btw :)
  8. Alright, im gonna try to release a beta tonight :D
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    Pushed for beta release a second ago! :)
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    Just so all of you know, this is what the beta can do:
    1. Siphon anything in Runespan that is on your current island
    2. Intelligently chooses to collect rune essence if below 5 essence in inventory
    3. Siphons from esslings/esshounds/esswraiths until 1000 essence is in inventory
    4. Siphons cyclones... and all the other things until 25 essence in inventory then goes back to esslings...
    5. UI contains all available siphons for Runespan level chosen
    Can't Island hop in beta... :(
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  9. Thanks in advance for 120 Runecrafting
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  10. I reallly really appreciate the quick response to this wow. Sorry was viwing a car yesterday afterwork and didnt end up getting home until very late. i have not seen or tested the script bot yet that means.

    Does it have an algorithm to prioritise siphoning the best things in the span?

    Also i doubt it even needs a GUI as i am using powerbots krunecrafter atm for runespan and it has no GUI (Will need a gui once it supports island hopping.

    I belive it should have a 66-80 mode maybe higher i forgot what level you need for the best 3 islands but i do not have an account to really test yet (currently bot is at home training in runespan and is 75 rune crafting so wont be long) and you should state on the bots thread the starting island for that mode.

    And then have a 80-99+ mode which hangs around the best islands for the level.

    And then have a non island hoping mode that just siphons the best things on the island you start it on.

    This would seem like the easiest way so to recap i think the best methods would be 3 modes,

    • Non island hopping (stays on island you start it on) for genral low level training
    • 66-80(ish) mode which find atleast just a decent 1-3 island and siphons just to get to those high levels
    • 80(ish)-99 mode which should hang around those islands in the picture. idk what level you need to move to the islands in the picture, i could easily find out for you some other time.
    • Efficiently prioritize better nodes and creatures
    Sorry was quite rushed post at work i can easily go into more specifics if you need
  11. What if the user selects the things to siphon in order from highest priority to lowest. And in the future when island hopping is added, it will hop islands if none of them are present... ? I dont know if i can get too complex with this without getting lost...
  12. Doing it the way you stated does semm harder to me and also the bot will end up just travelling everywhere for xp waste, i think you just need to somehow state some prioritise and it should just stay on the island you start it on for the time being.

    If you have the skills to set a GUI for prioritize im sure it would be even easier for you to just state what to prioritize and that would be more efficient and more user friendly.

    My suggestion for if you want to advance this and make it premium.
  13. I like the advice, and i am definitely not gonna make it paid for a long time, if ever. And the bot will only travel to other islands if none of the selected items to siphon is present... So it shouldnt really hop islands unless completely necessary. Also, the way i have it now is the first items added have higher priority than the last ones, so it will go to those first and then if they are not there it will search for ones of lesser priority.
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    let me show you setup i was using earlier
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  14. I do not belive it needs world hopping until you can control which islands it is transporting to.

    Say i was siphoning on a small island and was getting say overall 65k/xp per hour but not always siphoning nodes and creatures but they are so much better on the small islands that it is worth staying on those island, like say on the big island i was getting 45k/h overall but was siphoning 24/7 because so much more low level creatures and nodes.

    You do not even have move island for great xp, i believe you will even earn less xp.

    Sometimes less is more you fell. Like my powerbot scripts bots is only 55k/h at 70 Runecrafting, which is terrible. But it is flawless so i am garuunteed over 1.3mxp a day because it is flawless.

    It does not island hop. and the switching nodes and creatures is not the best. But it just runs so stable and well which is why i like it.

    If you understand what im saying
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  15. well, as soon as an executive gets around to passing this bot to the store, i will need major testers!!! Just so you know, you must start it in Runespan to have it work, if it isnt it will wait until it is in runespan to do stuff :D
  16. powerbots krunecrafter you have to be in runespan aswell and even the island ou want it to be on, so this is 100% fine.

    And i will be testing this as i am rushing 90 RC on my ironman for a t75 magic weapon
  17. Ok, i dont know how to ban rates will be. I have used this bot for probably 10 hours so far and looks great :D over 50 runecrafting in 1 day :D
  18. Does it currently island hop?
    If so i believe maybe even take it away for the time being and just focus on perfecting the node - creature - ess collection for max xp on a single island.

    And then work on world hopping.

    And eventually presets for your level later down the track as i reccomended above.

    Then eventually auto detection of levels and can map to the best island for your level.

    BY then this would be a premium script bot.

    Which i understand will be a long time.

    I believe try improve this script bot alot as you are a new author and this a skill that has no real script bot for yet and would be so helpful as an author to produce this well requested bot.
  19. It doesn't have island hopping. I am going to work on perfecting the siphoning

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