OSRS Runite Minor! $$$$

Discussion in 'Bot Requests' started by joshiii, May 24, 2016.

  1. I was wondering if it was possible to make a rune mining bot! it would be great moneys! (And ive just got 85 mining) HAHA :)
  2. I could add that to my miner I am releasing. Can I have some specifics on how it mines the runite? Does it hop or what? And where would you do it?
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  3. starts power morning to 85 mining lol
  4. You want it to mine the runite ores in th r wilderness and hop when there is no ore or a player enters your area. Also you want banking added. Anything else? This is a rough outline of what I would make it do.
  5. with banking=perfect
  6. Already have a mining bot with banking. Now I need to add the hopping and runite ore
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    Have been trying to fix up banking with mining bot recently. I didnt currently have support for using a pickaxe that you dont have equipped as it would be banked whenever the inventory was banked, but now i am adding a funtion that checks if you have a pickaxe, and if you dont then it withdrawls one from bank. :)
    Also gonna remake the UI so that is looks nice! Since all my UI's are bland and boring and unorganized.
    I will try to add the runite ore tonight, but my bot wont support all areas for a long time.
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  7. is it added bro?
  8. Sorry, but not yet because I keep getting banned... I will try to add it tonight but I can't test it, so I will have to leave that up to you. Ok?
  9. If you keep getting banned...will i also not get banned? ahha
  10. no, it's because i am constantly trying to bot levels so that i am not being attacked by things in mines. and i end up getting banned. Or i am botting way to much. because my bot is very humanlike, it is just i am doing it for too many hours with no breaks and at bad times. At least i hope not, lol
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    Imma add it right now
    So you want it to bank at edgeville right?
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    I am also only able to add non-member sites, which means only lava maze runite ore... But i am trying to add it right now
  11. anywhere is better than nothing bro! just to get started. Edgeville will be fine. :D
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    What is bot called? so i can add to my bots
  12. Ok, well it is difficult lol. only a few f2p worlds, and pkers in and out every couple seconds lol. good thing im level 3 as most are 50+, except one... Gonna try to map it out and make the area! I got the color subs so it will know which are runite ores. :D
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    KO lol!
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    Saw this while making the area for the runite or and was like SSSSHHHHIIIIIIITTTTTTT. Now im back in lumbridge lol.
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    but got the area! now just need to make the web!!!
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    Got it all done! Just need to figure out how to handle if the player is attacked and hopping... Any suggestions?
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    Tonight is gonna be too soon. As i have not finished the hopping yet. But i am getting close, and it should be the last thing before i push the bot update to include the runite ore!!!
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