Running RuneMate on Google Cloud (free)

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  1. Google has a free trial of their Google Cloud servers. You need a credit card to sign up though. Once the free trial runs out (you get 2 months), you can just make a new account and repeat.

    This is incredibly useful because you can carry on botting even when your PC is off.

    1. Navigate to
    2. Create a new developer account
    3. Create a new project - the name and ID don't matter as they are for your reference only.
    4. In the overview of your project, click Compute and then VM instances.
    5. Create a new VM, I used the Windows Server 2012 image. Don't bother trying to pick a Linux image, Runemate doesn't run well on Linux.
    6. Wait a few minutes for the VM to be created.
    7. Click the Connect RDP button
    8. When connected, download the JRE and Runemate
    9. Log in and bot away, for free!
    I don't recommend botting 24/7, so you might want to get a script bot that automatically stops the bot - such as MaxiBotScheduler.
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  2. Why would you do this? Can you name some pro and cons? :)
  3. You don't need to leave your PC on whenever you want to bot, and you can get a ton of RAM for running a lot of bots at once.
  4. Oh my apologies, I meant to say that you could include pros and cons on your OP for other people. :p
  5. It's like a vps @Bertrand ;) one thing tho; can you create multiple accounts with the same credit card? #googlefail ?
  6. Yes you can.
  7. Tried this out and it works great thank you so much! I haven't used a vps before but this seems pretty good for being free [​IMG]
  8. TFW that server is better than your computer
  9. LOL thats as good as my computer
  10. do you need to cancel it before the two months is over as to not get billed?
  11. RuneMate is running at 88% cpu for me, do you get that too? Tried the dual core 7.5gb vm and the dual core 13gb vm but both max out the cpu :/
  12. I'm using the 7.5gb vm and it runs about 90% cpu but thats the servers cpu not your computer so its all good :D it works just fine
  13. I chose the high-mem option which is 13GB of RAM and 2 cores. I'm running 2 instances of RuneMate on it just fine.
  14. I know that lol, the cpu must be shitty if it runs soo high. My pc averages 10% per instance.

    Hmm i just found that i've been charged $1.29 by google... don't know what else could have done it. Wonder why that happened...
  15. Did you accidentally select a high tier VM and upgrade from the trial account?

    Do you see this in the top right corner?
  16. seems sweet, may have to do this.
  17. Yeah it says that and charges is at 0... no idea where it came from :/
  18. Damn, you should try and contact Google.
    Once I bought something by accident on Google Play and they refunded me almost instantly.
  19. I was on google play earlier so that's what i was thinking, but i only tried to download my banks app which is free and it didn't even work cause i didn't have enough space. It's only $1.29, but if it comes up again i'll have to contact them.

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