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Discussion in 'General Market' started by WalleS, Oct 30, 2015.

  1. Selling the following 4 accounts(No money on the accounts, no membership):

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    Just wanted to add that you'd have to reply to this topic if you are interested in purchasing one of them. Will not be responding to PMs.
  2. How much are you looking for account 1?
  3. I haven't actually recieved any offers so far, so I am willing to consider pretty much anything at the moment.

    Do you have any offers in mind? :)
  4. Then I'll start off with a $20 offer for account 1.
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  5. Your offer is under consideration, thanks for showing interest!

    Är du svensk förresten? :p
  6. Ja det är jag!
  7. Nice!

    Fick nyss ett 30$ bud för accountet på ett annat forum om du fortfarande är intresserad.
  8. Account #1 looks good, if the above offer doesn't go through I might be interested. :)

    Svenska köttbullar är bra
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  9. Sweet, worth mentioning is that I have got a firecape and several items from the Salomon Store(notoriously the wings of which I do not seem to remember the name of). Might consider keeping the 15M that is currently located inside the account's bank if this results in a higher offer. C:

    @Falixus, Köttbullar is not bra, it's the bäst. :D
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  10. Uh, budar väl $35 för konto 1 då.
  11. Den är din för 40$, undrar bara hur du tänkt betala om vi kommer överens?
  12. Nah $35 är mitt sista bud. Hade tänkt paypal? Men eftersom att du är svensk så kanske du har swish?
  13. Tycker vi kör på det, jag accepterar 35 $ för account 1. :)

    Hur skall vi göra?
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    Om du kan lägga till mig på Skype: Qualiitywicked så kan vi diskutera snabbare där.
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    All accounts are still up for sale! Hit me up if you are interested, the demand for the first two accounts has been high so far. :)
  14. starting bid on the 3ed one at 5.5million rs3
  15. I've noted your offer. Thanks for showing interest!
  16. 10M/RS3 for 3rd account.
  17. I've noted your offer. Thanks for showing interest!
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    Just want to say the bidding for the first account will be closed by tommorow, current highest bid is at a steady 30$ - Remember to shoot me a message before it's too late!

    The bidding will go on as usual for the other three accounts for now. Thanks!
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    Last chance, no offers will be taken after today!
  18. do accounts have any old ban/mute?
  19. No old bans or mutes on any accounts except for the fourth one, which is currently muted.
  20. permamuted?

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