OSRS Safe botting practices?

Discussion in 'OSRS' started by shrek420, Oct 20, 2015.

  1. Lol, I've gotten 5 accounts banned in two days.

    I'm botting in five more right now. I've been using MaxiTutorialIsland then going straight to MaxiWoodCutting for like 12 hours at a time.

    Any advice for safe botting practices/avoiding getting banned?
  2. Start off with some half-decent stats instead of going straight into botting for hours straight.
  3. What would you call half decent stats?
  4. ~40 in at least like 10 stats.
  5. Try getting them through tutorial island yourself, doing a quest or two then logging them out for a few days.
    After a few days have passed do a few more quests with botting mixed in. It would help to play them in runemate client as well to teach clouse how you do things.
    Jagx has stated they catch most botters within the first 24hrs of account creation. Probably due to botting of tut island and then slamming one skill for 12hrs straight.
  6. do tutorial legit. its been said that they heavily watch it
  7. Well... every time I run the bot it randomly pauses and I have to move around a bit and pause/unpause it for it to start back up again.

    Does that reduce the risk of me getting banned?
  8. You should never bot tutorial island. A lot of player get banned that way.

    I don't even get why people even bot it, it takes 5-10 min max.

    Of course you are going to get banned when you go ahead right away and start botting 12h+ WC.

    Do some leveling on your own the first days. There are a lot of easy skills to train. And your accounts will last way longer.

    And then I wouldn't recommend to bot 12h+, I'd stay around 8-10h MAX.

    Your IP might be flagged though, but don't know.

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