Safe to Minimize Client?

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  1. So, I heard that if you minimize your client it sends a Packet to Jagex saying "This player minimized their client" and when you open it up it sends another Packet saying "This player has made X inputs while minimized" or something like that. Is this true? Because ever since I read that, I was a bit scared to minimize my client so I just keep my client open at all times. Thanks.
  2. Where did you hear/read about this? Do you have a source?

    I have never heard of this and I've been botting for 6 years. During that time I have always minimised my bot client.
  3. I read this on a YouTube comment (AKA Your local place for Toxic ;)). The person who made that comment said he found this on a RSPS forum.
  4. As I said, in all my years of botting I've never heard of this being a detection method. I'm sure @Cloud may be able to offer some expert opinion on this however.
  5. Just stop and think about it for a minute. If this were the case, there'd be an even higher ban rate than there is, across all of the botting platforms not just runemate. And they'd be able to ban you pretty much as soon as you minimize it and the bot takes a couple of actions.
  6. Further to this, even if this was the case, you could leave it non-minimised behind other applications.
  7. Although checking input on minimised state is definitely a possible detection feature that can be introduced by Jagex with extreme ease, it's also easy to find and to spoof. If they do not currently do this, it is because they know all bots will be able to spoof (or simply remove) the detection method. However, in case they do introduce it and the bot does not yet try to detect it, you're fucked until the bot is updated.

    All in all, don't minimise it unless you strictly have to.
  8. As for the packet being sent to the server, the packet op-code is three, and it is send whenever the client loses or gains operating system focus. You can lose focus on the client without minimizing it. Most bots do not allow this packet to be sent, unless sent manually during anti-ban strategies. (Also note that most anti-ban strategies are useless, as packets are not sent when the user...

    • Clicks on loadstones. (Changes sidebar interface)
    • Moves the camera
    • Moves the mouse off screen
    • Skill hovering

    I've worked on emulators (RSPS) for both the oldschool and newer revisions of Runescape, as-well as contributed to botting projects for OSRS. Just thought I'd register to shine some light on this.

    Yes, the packet does exist.
    BUT, the bot should moderate it.

    Also: The amount of actions completed while the client lacks focus is not sent to the server, however the server can easily calculate this.

    Seems this packet was removed as of revision #838.
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