Safest skill and best script to use?

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  1. Ive found that 80% of scripts bots dont work with spectre?

    so what are you guys botting and hows your experience so far?
  2. Probably Alpha fighter or Alpha div. Surprised how quickly the div bot got cleaned up and the fighter now does nicely as well.

    Sudo div was solid too.

    Basically I'd say combat is probably the safest to bot.
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  3. I don't think so tbh, combat will get you banned really quick imo. Divination is relatively safe to bot as in 99% of the people you encounter are bots aswell.
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  4. i'm thinking off going for 80/90 div, i will be babysitting it all the time tho :)
  5. Goodluck with that. Divination is by far one of the slowest skills. I've been botting it a week long for at least 12 hrs a day and I'm hitting 80 tonight (I hope!)
    Currently at 78 with 54k/hr using the enhanced xp method (costs around 120k hr)
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  6. I am doing combat right now. I want my 99 attack! (97 currently) and everything is going great.
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  7. I'll start combat later, the thing is. 1-99 str is probably faster than 80-99 divination :(
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