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  1. Hello i am having 32-bit pc and the client is saying i need 64bit java to run it and when i go try install 64 bit java it says its not comportable with my operating system

    So how can i run my client?
  2. The only time RuneMate displays that message is when we detect a 64 bit os. If you only have a 32 bit OS, then either
    1) You have a Program Files (x86) directory which typically implies a 64 bit OS.
    2) You're running OSX (but I was under the impression OSX is always 64 bit).
  3. try downloading the JDK :) i had this issue on another pc before and it fixed it :p
    you then need to right click the runemate.jar and open with the jdk java thingy :)
  4. That's probably not going to fix anything and I can't really recommend that, especially to an end user.
  5. he can always try :p
    other than that, is there a chance running it from a .bat would help?
  6. Not really.
  7. Why did u make the client like this not working for me lol

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  8. Sometimes data exceeds the limit of 32 bit data types, therefore 64 bit equivalents are necessary.
    You can still use the client, you just need to reformat your system and install a 64 bit operating system.
  9. Are you running Windows? If so, I'm fairly confident you have a 64bit operating system. Please do the following to verify:

    1. Open Explorer. One way to do this is to press Windows+R and then type in "explorer".
    2. Click "My Computer" or "This PC" in the left pane.
    3. Right click in the whitespace on the right side.
    4. Click "Properties" from the dropdown menu that pops up.
    5. Look for the "System type" section.

    I expect your computer will say "64-bit Operating System, x64-based processor" just as in the example. If this is the case the error message is absolutely valid and explains the solution while providing a hyperlink to the necessary download. Simply put, you have a 64bit computer/operating system/processor, but are using 32bit Java. Go to "Add or Remove Programs" and uninstall all versions of Java you currently have installed. Then go to the official Java 8 download page and make sure to get the version that says x64. Please pay close attention to the bolded words above.
  10. I'm pretty sure you have a Program Files (x86) folder for some reason...
  11. Do you have a C:/Program Files (x86)/ folder? If so can you delete it? 32bit operating systems do not need this folder and some poorly coded application you installed probably created that folder.
  12. That may not be safe if it contains something, I've added a better solution for the next release that should be far more fool proof.
  13. Bro can u please make a client for 32 bit please?
  14. Did you read everything they said?
    If you're running a 32-bit operating system it shouldn't display this message unless you have a Program Files(x86) folder for some reason which implies you actually are on a 64-bit OS because 64-bit uses 'Program Files' for 64-bit programs and 'Program Files(x86)' for 32 bit programs. OR a poorly written program has created the x86 folder even though you're running 32 bit. Check if you're running 32 bit, if you are then you need to check for the x86 folder and see what's inside it. If nothing just delete it, if there's something in there though you'll need to reinstall it elsewhere and then delete the folder.
    Either way, RuneMate supports 64-bit AND 32-bit already, it's just highly recommended to use 64-bit, and if you do you also need 64-bit java, hence the message you're receiving about installing it.
  15. Client suddenly started working :p now i just again tested

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