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Discussion in 'Client & Site Support' started by Rusko, Jul 27, 2014.

  1. I did the timezone changes and updated it because I was told that was the issue.

    But when I run the script bot (Wooductting script bot) it does nothing. I also cannot "stop" the script bot to try and re-run it. Then I need to Cntrl Alt Del the client to close it.
  2. I had this same issue and reported it.
  3. Did you get it working?
  4. Cu
    Currently seems to be a script bot issue. The latest API updates most likely broke it. Give the Scripter some time to be back and he should fix everything right up
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  5. I guess we must wait on script bot developer to fix then.
  6. If you receive a session expiration message immediately when you try to run a script bot, then it's because of time synchronization issues, however if it's anything else that's not likely the cause.
  7. Bot freezes and you can't stop script bot.
  8. I'm willing to bet that's it just the script bot not working properly. Aidden said he'll be home to fix his scripts bots in about 6 hours.
  9. If it's not working still, the scripts bots are being pushed again soon, so hold tight. :)

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