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  2. Couldn't you put your suggestions in a single thread instead of 5?
  3. Yes.Can you get a Mod Pls I'm so sorry for that mistake.
  4. I'll just combine it into this thread.
  5. I'll make all, but before releasing I'll use my 50 account botfarm to ruin the method.
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  6. All my accounts are Name log in So I can Move RSGP In F2P.

    I know my PC Can run 32 runescape 3 accounts at 74% CPU And my CPU Is at 41c.
  7. Auto GDK | Fights and Kills Green Dragons

    Features This needs
    1.Supports common foods
    2.PKer detection (will teleport away when attacked by a player)
    3.Need to support Beasts of Burden (Bull Ant, Spirit Terrorbird, War Tortoise, and Pak Yak)
  8. You copy pasted this exactly from powerbot lololol Coma released it yesterday.
  9. gl trolling
  10. Maybe I'll make the banana one.
  11. Yea :)
  12. are you denying it you liar? go on powerbot and check scripts bots yesterday coma released the script bot and you copied the exact same features coma posted
  13. Im ban on PowerBot so i can not.
  14. you can go on powerbot with out signing in you're such a retard honestly
  15. How?

    I can not sign out.
  16. Clear cookies and cache in your browser.
  17. how i do that?

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